South China Sea 2002-2003

South China Sea 2002-2003

ga_h_southsea2003_1Sea sicking?

ga_h_southsea2003_2After-busy on the deck (Professor Qi Shihua and Dr Liu Dayong).

ga_h_southsea2003_3Familiar faces?

ga_h_southsea2003_4This has been on the cover page of many institute brochures.

ga_h_southsea2003_5A morning gathering after overnight sampling work.

ga_h_southsea2003_6China’s South China Sea.

ga_h_southsea2003_7This is not PS-ed.

ga_h_southsea2003_8Lady on the sea (Professor Bixian Mai).

ga_h_southsea2003_9Reading on the sea (Professor Bixian Mai, 2003 Spring cruise).

ga_h_southsea2003_10Not as cool as in the heart (Gan Zhang, 2003 Spring cruise).

ga_h_southsea2003_11The multi-displinary cruise team back to the land base at Huangpu. (2002 summer cruise)