Guilin 2011

阳朔 (2011.5.6)

ga_h_guilin2011_1Ladies with flower laureats on head.

ga_h_guilin2011_2By the River Li.

ga_h_guilin2011_3Impression Liu-San-Jie.

ga_h_guilin2011_4“I have to say this is not my jeep.”

ga_h_guilin2011_5A happy and long foot trip from Yangti Village (杨堤)to Xingping Town (兴坪镇). This route is the best choice for whom want to challenge your physical energy while enjoying the picturesque SHi-Li-Hua-Lang (十里画廊) of Lijiang.

ga_h_guilin2011_6A rest in Yulong River rafting.

ga_h_guilin2011_7Nightlife in Yangshuo. We were all adults.

ga_h_guilin2011_8One more pin of beer, and one more chicken feet dish please.

ga_h_guilin2011_9A cute girl named Zhen Qian.

ga_h_guilin2011_10The poor old man.

ga_h_guilin2011_11Flowering smile with a laureat on the head.

ga_h_guilin2011_12Happy time.

ga_h_guilin2011_13Moon Hill on the background.

ga_h_guilin2011_14They are not lovers, I promise.

ga_h_guilin2011_15Beatiful girls, nice car.

ga_h_guilin2011_16This is her best one.

ga_h_guilin2011_17The superstar?

ga_h_guilin2011_18Girls featured the picturesque River Lijiang.