Daya Bay 2014

Group trip to Dapeng peninsula, Shenzhen on Dec 9-10,2014



ga_2014_shenzhen1A gathering of group members and visitors at the meterologic station of Daya Station of SCSIO, CAS. (20141210, photo by Wang Lixin)

ga_2014_shenzhen2Dongchong is at the very south of the peninsula with extraordinary coastal view and sand beach. We stayed here for one night, in the same hotel as some ‘old-man’ stayed in 2003.

ga_2014_shenzhen3The two guys were opf the ‘old-men’ to be here in the year of 2003.

ga_2014_shenzhen4Prof. Zou is warmly welcome.

ga_2014_shenzhen5At the Nan’Ao (南澳)fishing harbor.

ga_2014_shenzhen6In the mode of being young.

ga_2014_shenzhen7It is a great place to practice Kong-fu.

ga_2014_shenzhen8Liu XIn and Haoyu did a good jumping.

ga_2014_shenzhen9Yishan will show this to her father.

ga_2014_shenzhen10With the international staff and visitors, Jabir (left 1, Pakistan), Baruch (left 2, UK), Usman (left 3, Pakistan), Adeel (left 5, Pakistan), Yadav (left 6, Nepal), Auti (right 3, Thailand) and Mann (right 1, Thailand).

ga_2014_shenzhen11Zhao Yong and Wang Li of Lanzhou University visited us for several months. They are now experts in POP analysis.

ga_2014_shenzhen12A vegetarian dinner.

ga_2014_shenzhen13The non-vegetarian dinner. There is a lake with mangroves on the back.

ga_2014_shenzhen14The coast of Daya Bay.


ga_2014_shenzhen16Baruch occasionally vsited us and joined the trip.

ga_2014_shenzhen17Nepalese and Chinese.

ga_2014_shenzhen18Posed or not?

ga_2014_shenzhen19A girl likes tiger.

ga_2014_shenzhen20Happiness shining on the face.

ga_2014_shenzhen21Full of energy.

ga_2014_shenzhen22A little bit shy?