Wuyishan 2015

   Group field trip to Wuyishan (20150920-0923)

On September 20-23, some of our group members went to Wuyishan Mountain for a field trip and visit to the National Atmospheric Environmental Background Station of MEP located there.  The station has been a paradigm of atmospheric background station in China. The people, in particular Mr Liu Lanzhong the director of the Station, impressed us deeply with their great dedication to the establishment, operation and management of the Station.

w1‘Spirit of Qi’.

w2It was foggy and rainy. There are 1000 steps to climb before accessing to the Station. And we were all physically strong.

w3In a classic Chinese poem I wrote previously, there is ‘漫引瓯越武夷风’,or in English ‘The Wuyi mountain standing, nobly, on the boundary of Fujian and Zhejiang provinces receives regional atmpsheirc circulations (over South eastern China), romanticly’. Shown here is the direction and distance towards several destinations.

w4‘It is to  be succesful with your great perspective and strong efforts’.

w5‘Beautiful air station for a beautiful China’. Note the six CP flags representing six communist party members sticking to the founding and sound operation of the remote background air station.

w6We were visiting the station.

w7After visiting the measuring instruments inside, our group took a family portrait on the roof of the Station.

w8Another picture of the group.

w9Communist party members swore with the CP flags back above. We have eight vs six flags.

w10Water drops on the leaves in subtle color.

w11Director Liu Lanzhong gave us a lecture to introduce the history, management, ongoing activities and future perspectives of the Station.

w12It reads ‘for green Earth, being good monitoring guards’. And Mr Liu has been the legend.

w13Our ladies are definitely beautiful and lovely.

w14A passage through the tea garden.

w15There is a stone carved “Yan Yun”, which means the charm of the stone. The tea is also named “Yan Cha”, which means the tea grows up from the stone. Therefore, when we drink the tea, we taste the flavor of the stone.

w16We did taste the Dahongpao (Red Gown) Tea.

w17The fragrant tea in delicate china cups.

w18Who she brewed the tea for us. This picture was taken when I visited there previously, same girl, same place.

w19Basics of Wuyishan Tea at night for relax.