Jiang Yishan MEng viva

Jiang Yishan did her MEng viva

ga_2014_jys1Yishan did her MEng on Compound specific isolation of PLFAs from forest soil for 14C analysis. Shee also looked at the microbial comunity in typical Chinese forests using PLFAs as biomarkers. She has been enrolled as a PhD student in the group to continue her research on carbon isotpic geochemistry (13C and 14C) of PLFAs in various Chinese forest ecosystems. (May 26 2014)

ga_2014_jys21Yishan ands Yumei in their gowns. (Photographer Xu Weihai, 2014.5.29)

ga_2014_jys3The zoomed smiles.

ga_2014_jys41Jiang Yishan did her MEng viva on May 26 2014.


ga_2014_jys6Band of sisters and a brother.