Trip on the Feilaixia Reservoir

Trip on the Feilaixia Reservoir

(Knut Breivik, John Rees and Kevin Jones visited on June 15 2014)

ga_2014_flx1【稼轩长短句】:我见青山多妩媚,料青山见我应如是。Graceful was the green hills in my eyes.(2014.6.15,飞来峡)

【敦煌曲子词】:满眼风波多闪烁,看山却似走来迎,仔细看山山不动,是船行。Shining lights in the water and approaching hills ahead.


ga_2014_flx3Knut Breivik is a senior research scientist in Norwagian Institute of Atmospheric Research (NILU). He visited the group and GIGCAS, with Kevin, on June 12-16. He is an excellent POPs researcher specialized in global inventory and modelling of PCBs and PBDEs. He is currently interested in the tranboundary movement of e-waste and its impact on the global inventories of industrial POPs. (2014,06,15. Photographer Gan Zhang, Jun Li)

ga_2014_flx44The international group enjoyed a boat trip on the Feilaixia (飞来峡)Reservior. Here Knut was sitting with Jabir, Adeel and Yadav.

ga_2014_flx55Our international colleagues from Pakistan and Nepal.

ga_2014_flx66She is always attracting the camera man.

ga_2014_flx7Kevin is always around us. Knut is highly recommended by Kevin.

ga_2014_flx8We had a small international pool game on a small island in the reservoir.

ga_2014_flx99This guy looks quite professional.

ga_2014_flx101A cautious player.

ga_2014_flx111John Rees and his son were also visiting SKLOG. He is one of the administrators of British Geological Survey (BGS) and British Research Council (BRC). BGS and SKLOG/GIGCAS is organizing a joint workshop on shale gas due in November 2014.

ga_2014_flx121Jabir and Yadav. Jabir seemed to have a new fashion shirt, which is nice and, yearly, timely.

ga_2014_flx131John is good at pool. She likes cycling as well, and mostly carry with him a portable bike when travelling.

ga_2014_flx141Jabir is qualified for the game, according to a master’s, my, observation.

ga_2014_flx15Adeel seemed to have forgotten everything. This is a wonderful mode of life.