Visiting Lanzhou University

Visiting Lanzhou University and Gan-Nan (甘南)


ga_2014_lu11Zhang Gan and Li Jun visited Prof Ma Jianmin (马健民, left 2)and Gao Hong(高宏, left 1)at Lanzhou University. Jianmin is a briliant modeller in POPs and air research. The two gorups have a long history of cooperation.

ga_2014_lu22We gave talks there and appreciate Prof Ma’s help in writing the NSFC Key proposal which we have successfully secured this year, on biomass burning in Indo-China peninsula. Prof Ma was also Xu Yue’s supervisor when she was in Canada.

ga_2014_lu33The old bridge over Hunag He.

ga_2014_lu44I searched the web to identify the famous so-called Ge-Sang-Hua (格桑花). Narrowly defined it maybe this one. But actually in Tibetan, Ge-Sang refers to all beautiful followers.

ga_2014_lu55Most people simply refers this Ba-Ban-Mei (八瓣梅)as Ge-Sang-Hua.

ga_2014_lu66The group is measuring and planning to enhance the air plane to be able to be used for POPs sampling in the sky.

ga_2014_lu77ZHang Ran was very happy to be so close to the air plane.

ga_2014_lu88Labrang Monastery (拉卜楞寺)is the highest ‘University’ for Tibetan Buhdism. It mimics, according to my observation, an education system of Oxford-U or Cambridge-U, where colleges are the core units.

ga_2014_lu99Langmu Temple (郎木寺)is at the very south of Gansu province bordering SiChuan.