Group Album 2014

Group trip to Dapeng peninsula in Shenzhen
Awards on the GIGCAS-HKPolyU Annual Bilateral Workshop
Mengke, Junwen and Zheng Qian did their PhD viva
Liu Junwen, Liu Fobang and Zhang Gan met at Miesbach, Germany
Former group members visited the group
Liu Xiang and Gan ZHang visited the shale gas play sites in Sichuan
Zhang Gan and Li Jun visited Profs Ma Jianmin and Gao Hong at Lanzhou University
ISEH 2014 in Peking University
Knut Breivik and John Rees visited SKLOG
Huang Yumei did her PhD viva
Jiang Yishan did her MEng viva
Liu Xin and Zhang Gan attended POP Forum -2014 in Kunming
Professor Nick Ostle started his CAS visiting professorship
Zheng Qian visited RECETOX of Masaryk University, Czech Republic.
Ali Syed and Ambreen Syed visited (2014.2.5)