Xiaofei on the Sea

Impression of South China Sea, Indian Ocean and Sri Lanka 

11Sampling route.

12Atmospheric samplers.

13Collecting aerosol samples.

14Collecting sounding data.

15Ship repair.

16Fun time.

17Cooking time, yummy!!!

Beautiful rainbow.

20Share happiness together.


22Sunny days, just like wonderland!!

23Amazing sunset!

x1Fascinating rosy clouds.(God does not make a sunset glory in a moment, but for days may be massing the mist out of which He builds His palaces beautiful in the west.)

x2Brave sea gulls.

x3Cuttlefish, bonito, dolphin and sleeve-fish. (It is the first time I saw these fish in the sea. So excited!!) 

x4The harbor in Colombo. (Lighthouse and beautiful night.)

 I love the coastal town of Galle.
 The Kandy Lake.
 Daladaa Maaligaava.
 Royal botanic garden.(Walking in the oxygen bar.)