Field work in Thailand

Haoyu setup air samplers in Thailand

(2016.01.17-31, text and pictures by Haoyu)

During January 17th to January 31st, Haoyu Jiang (蒋昊余)started implementing the first-period Thailand sampling campaign for the NSFC biomass burning key project with the help of Dr. Guangcai Zhong (钟广财)and Xiaofei Geng(耿晓飞). Two active samplers were set up in Kasetsart University and Naresuan University, respectively. Passive sampling will last until the beginning of June for three periods. Thirteen sites have been confirmed as the passive sampling sites in Thailand. Four or five sampling sites were also determined in Myanmar. Moreover, the staff in environmental and agriculture department from Naresuan University talked with Dr. Guangcai Zhong about the joint workshop this year.

GA2016_JHY_Thailand-1First active sampler located in Kasetsart University.

GA2016_JHY_Thailand-2Hospitality with traditional southern Thai food by the group of Prof. Surat.

GA2016_JHY_Thailand-4A panorama around the active sampling site.

GA2016_JHY_Thailand-5Dr. Guangcai Zhong, Xiaofei Geng and Haoyu Jiang were killed the fatty calf by the staff of environmental and agriculture department from Naresuan University.

GA2016_JHY_Thailand_6Beautiful fiery ball on the Phitsanulok sky.

GA2016_JHY_Thailand_7The statue of King Naresuan, the sign of Naresuan University. Students like to come and pray for good luck in their examinations.

GA2016_JHY_Thailand_8Another active sampler in Naresuan University with the help of Dr. Wanwisa.

GA2016_JHY_Thailand_9Passive samplers setup in Chiang Mai

GA2016_JHY_Thailand_10The second set of passive samplers were hung in front of Dr. Vorawan’s house in Chiang Rai (清莱).

GA2016_JHY_Thailand_11Mae Fah Luang University, the most beautiful university in Thailand.