Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

Liu Junwen and Sun Yingtao: The 318 Crossover to Lhasa


During December 28, 2015 to January 7, 2016 Junwen Liu (刘俊文) and Yingtao Sun (孙迎韬) went to Sichuan and Tibet for collecting snow and soil samples in high mountains of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau (QTP)., along the picturesque 318 National Road. QTP, the third pole of the world, has an average altitude of > 4000 m and is sparsely populated. These samples will provide valuable information regarding anthropogenic activity, climate change, and the microbiological compositions in pristine region of Earth.

GA2016_LJW_QTP_1Collecting snow samples at Kazila Mountain.

GA2016_LJW_QTP_2 Soil sampling at Kazila Mountain.

GA2016_LJW_QTP_3Dongda Monutain (东达山).

GA2016_LJW_QTP_4Anjiu Mountain (安久山).

GA2016_LJW_QTP_5The Mira Pass (米拉山口) .

GA2016_LJW_QTP_6Kazila Mountain (卡子拉山).

GA2016_LJW_QTP_7Sejila Mountain (色季拉山).

GA2016_LJW_QTP_8Zheduo Mountain (折多山).

GA2016_LJW_QTP_9The Potala Palace. 日光下的布达拉宫。

GA2016_LJW_QTP_10The Potala Palace at night. 布达拉宫夜色。