viva 2015

Kaijun, Xiaoping and Zhineng did their viva (20150523-24)

On May 23rd, Kaijun did her MSc viva and Xiaoping and Zhineng did their PhD viva. On May 24th, the group was able to gather to celebrate their success. It was a nice evening/night with lots of cheers and singnings.

ga_2015_kai_viva1Released with their gowns. Many congratulations! (20150529)

ga_2015_kai_viva2Xiaoping will continue with her post-doctoral research in the institute. (20150529)

ga_2015_kai_viva3Mengke became of a PDRF. (20150529)

ga_2015_kai_viva4Zheng Qian is going to work in South China Agricultural University (SCAU). (20150529)

ga_2015_kai_viva5Kaijun is always lovely and cute.

ga_2015_kai_viva6I wrote a classic Chinese poem for all beautiful ladies studying in the group, in scientific publication style, with lots of references of cause … 🙂

ga_2015_kai_viva7Brothers and sisters.

ga_2015_kai_viva8With the assessment panel. Shown here are Dr Chen Duohong (陈多宏高级工程师, left 1), Professors Yu Zhiqiang (于志强,left 2),Bi Xinhui (毕新慧, left 3), Wang Xinming(王新明, right 4), Chen Yingjun (陈颖军, 烟台所,right 3), Feng Jialiang (冯家良, 上海大学,right 2), Li Yongtao(李永涛,华南农业大学, right 1).

ga_2015_kai_viva9With the teacher.

ga_2015_kai_viva10Kaijun made great progress in improving her MSc thesis and presentation. Her work and presentation was highly praised by Prof Wang Xinming who was the assessment pannel chair.

ga_2015_kai_viva11Show with more confidence. And know something from the experience?

ga_2015_kai_viva12Xiaoping did impressive work on the PM2.5 source apportionment and air deposition of PAHs in the Bohai Sea.

ga_2015_kai_viva13Zhineng finally escaped from his enduring PhD stage, hopefully knowing what one has devoted in will, out of question, reward in the future.

ga_2015_kai_viva14After dinner.

ga_2015_kai_viva15The second phase of the celebration. The boys were busy drinking.

ga_2015_kai_viva16Two singers.

ga_2015_kai_viva17Girls with happiness.

ga_2015_kai_viva18It was a milky night (1:15am, May 25th).