Field sampling in Hainan Island

Sampling forest soil in Hainan (2015.1.17-22)

On the 17th-22nd of January several group members went to Hainan for collecting forest soil samples from rubber trees and Eucalyptus trees. The aim of the study is to investigate the role of land use change in the cycling of carbon and POPs in the tropical environment. Besides, passive air samplers were also installed in the locations as part of the study.

lx1A rubber tree forest.

lx2Prof Tao was introducing the cutting of rubber trees to the group.

lx3A close look at the rubber juice.

lx4With the rubber tree leaves.

lx5A picnic lunch in the field.


This is the famous Hainan Chaotian Chilli (海南朝天椒). On the back is the beautiful hotel where the group stay.