Liu Xin starts her voyage on the Sea

Liu Xin on the Sea (20150308-20150410)

sea1On the Pearl River towards the sea. (20150308)

sea2The captain’s working chamber.(20150308)

sea3A corner of the  research vessel. (20150308)

sea4Living room with good condition on the research vessel. (20150308)

sea5A paparazzi’s peeping the ladies’ chamber.

sea6On the deck with sunshine protections, fully armed.

sea7The lab.

sea8Launching balloons.

sea9Collecting aerosol samples.

sea10Our sampling machine.


sea13With the buddies.

sea12Deck showcasing.

sea14In nature.

sea15The strait.

sea16Peaceful as a mirror, we call the ocean ‘the lake’.

sea17The colorful clouds far away impressing aside.

sea19Picture with CAS Vice-President Hejun Yin (阴和俊副院长).