Visiting Henan University

On April 27-28, Yishan, Zhineng, Chunling and Zhang Gan visited professors Wan Shiqiang(万师 强)and Fu Shenglei(傅声雷)of Henan University(河南大学) in Kaifeng (开封), for a discussion about the radiocarbon study on Chinese forest soils. The two top ecologists gave pertinent suggestions and cordial advice. Besides, we occasionally had tea in a tea & flower house beautifully and lovely decorated. It was a  fruitful and memorable trip.

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The gate of Henan University.

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The buddies.


Yishan explained her results and next-step plan to the professors. Prof Wang Shiqiang (left) is a top scientist in global change ecology (全球变化生态学). Professor Fu Shenglei (right) is a top scientist in soil biogeochemistry (土壤生物地球化学).

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The tea and flower house.

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The concert hall of the University.

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School of Environment and Planning.

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School of Life Sciences.

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The Kaifeng Iron Tower(开封铁塔)standing on the University campus was built from 1049 AC in Song dynasty.