New projects sanctioned by Guangdong

Liu Xin was awarded research project by Guangdong Natural Scientific Foundation (GD-NSF). This is the only 1 project of its kind (博士科研启动项目,不含纵向协同项目)in our institute! With a budget of 100K Yuan, it is on source fingerprints of organophosphate flame retardants (OPFRs) and their health risk assessments in indoor environments.

We were also granted by Guangdong Department of Science and Technology a joint Guangdong-UK UrbanInnovation project, with a budget of 1 million Yuan (and ca. 500K British Pound from the UK side) , on developing and application of land-use regression model (LUR) at intra-city scale for environmental health study in Guangzhou. This project is a very NATURAL extension/complement of the group’s ATMSYC and Shizhen’s new China postdoctor foundation project on PAH/LUR!