On March 5-15th, two ladies of our group, Zhang Ruiling and Liu Xin took a trip to Jinjing, Changsha, Hunan Province for water sampling in a small catchment. This sampling campaign was designed to investigate prevalence of antibiotic use in a typical socialist new countryside (金井镇脱甲村) based on wastewater epidemiology. It’s also part of the ongoing Dongting Lake Programme. The two ladies selected 10 sites in Tuojia catchment (脱甲河流域). A total of 30 o-DGT (organic-diffusive gradients in thin-films) passive samplers were deployed for 7 days and fully retrieved, grab water and sediment samples were also collected. At one of the sampling sites, they collected 24 h composite water per day using a small peristaltic pump. They appreciate great support from Institute of Subtropical Agriculture, the CAS (中科院亚热带农业生态研究所) for guiding in the field and offering a lab at Changsha Agricultural Environment Station, the CAS (中科院长沙农业环境站). The sampling was fairly smooth and they took the opportunity to better prepare for upcoming sampling campaign in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Tuojia River
sampling sites

Successfully deployed, she was so happy.

DGT in the water

24 h composite water