Prof Hu Xiaonong from JNU

On September 30, a small group from Jinan University led by Professor Hu Xiaonong (胡晓农) visited our lab. Upon our invitation, Professor Hu gave a talk on a study on groundwater in the South Guangzhou region. In the meantime, he introduced to the audience basic concept of groundwater and pollution. The two group had a lunch together, and the visiting team had a lab tour afterwards. The information Prof Hu gave would be of great help in our designing of the groundwater pollution and DBC work in the near future. Jin Biao, Liu Xin, Zhao Shizhen, Yi Xin, Zhang Ruiling, Liu Shiyang and several other members of our group attained the seminar.

Professor Hu Xiaonong (胡晓农) is a distinguished professor in groundwater.

Dr Zhang Jing (张晋) is an associate with Professor Hu. He works also on groundwater pollution. He holds a Germany PhD.