Tiangang and Zhaocheng degree viva

On August 20 morning, Tang Tian-gang and Wu Zhao-cheng did their PhD and MSc degree viva, respectively. Tiangang worked on compound-specific radiocarbon and stable carbon and deuterium isotopes of IVOCs/naphthalene. Zhaocheng worked on leaching of PFAs in soil columns with and without plants. Both of them succeeded in the viva. The video viva was organized online. Congratulations!

PhD referee panel for Tiangang: Professors Guo Hai (郭海,香港理工大学,主席), Fu Pingqing (傅平青,天津大学),Zhang Yanlin (章炎麟,南京信息工程大学),Ding Xiang (丁翔,GIG),Hu Weiwei (胡伟伟,GIG).

Tiangang and Zhaocheng were turning their computers to enable the online video viva scheduled next morning.