New project: MORATOXA

On October 18, after presentation and defence over an assessment panel, our proposed project MORATOXA (Monitoring and Risk Assessment of Toxic Chemicals in the Air) was approved as a flagship scientific program dedicated to ANSO (Alliance of International Science Organizations,”一带一路”国际科学组织联盟). MORATOXA, with an initial budget of 1.3 million Yuan, is a wonderful success to our previously SCP (The Southern Contaminants) program, which was a CAS Belt & Road Initiative project closed in 2020. The partners involved in MORATOXA were selected from the SCP partners to focus more on collaborations on air toxics and health. They are:

  • University of Malaya, Malaysia (Prof. Pauzi , and Dr Bong Chui Wei)
  • University of   Dhaka, Bangladesh (Prof Habib)
  • University of Nairobi, Kenya (Prof Michael Gatari)
  • The COMOSATS University Islamabad,  Pakistan (Dr Jabir Syed)
  • Peradeniya University, Sri Lanka (Dr Karu)
  • Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (SCIR), Ghana (Dr Asante)

About ANSO: ANSO is a non-profit, non-governmental international scientific organization founded in 2018 by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and 36 other international science and education institutions from around the world. ANSO came into being under the principles of “joint consultation, joint effort and joint sharing” championed by the Chinese “Belt and Road Initiative”.

The SCP ended in 2020 with great success.

The MORATOXA, launched soon, is a natural extension of the SCP, but more selective with partners and more focus on air toxics and health.
Stepping/sitting on the Equator, at Mount Kenya. (August 13, 2018). We built up the Maritime Silk Road cooperation network.