PhD and MSc Thesis confirmation

On Nov 28, six MSc students(马建初,韩民,林勃机,肖雨薇,徐佳栎,张子洋), 1 PhD student(田乐乐) presented over staff members in the group their thesis proposals.  They have now entered a new phase of their researches. Congratulations.

From left to right:马建初 (Ma Jianchu),张子洋 (Zhang Ziyang),徐佳栎 (Xu Jiali),田乐乐 (Tian Lele),肖雨薇 (Xiao Yuwei),林勃机 (Lin Boji),韩民 (Han Min)

The Air-Omics Squad (‘爱米’小分队)led by Shizhen. Yingjian is a guest member of the squad, and Wang Weiru (王惟儒)is to join.