Gathering of the Guangcai and Shizhen Groups

On December 10, after Guangcai and Shizhen did their defense for associate-professor promotion, several students went with them for a small cerebration gathering at a nice pub, somewhere in the city. I was told that one of my favorable song, Lose Yourself to Dance by Daft Punk, was played on the site.  Guangcai and Shizhen are building up their own research squad, the POM Squad (?)and the Air-Omics Squad (©爱米小分队), respectively. Fantastically enjoyable!

Gathering in a pub, somewhere in the city.

The two new associate professors.

Can’t help smiling with the yellow roses.

A pure powerful gentleman.

The Air-Omics Squad (©爱米小分队).

The POM Squad, calling for new members.

Lose yourself to dance. (Daft Punk: Radom Access Memories)