Catch-up with CSIR team

On the 19th of April, we had a catch-up meeting with CSIR team. The participants inlcude Zhang Gan, Zhao Shizhen, Kwadwo Ansong Asante, William Arko and He Kun.The discussion theme is about the preliminary cooperation details of the Monitoring and Risk Assessment of Toxic Chemicals in the Air (MORATOX) project and the research topic of William’s PhD project.

First, Zhao Shizhen introduced the background, project targets and contents, and the funding budget of the entire project. Asante proposed some questions about research methods. Everyone’s active discussion finally solved these problems and initially identified the future research division. Zhang Gan made a comprehensive summary of the project, and it is recommended to promote Ghana Joining the Alliance of International Science Organization (ANSO) to seek more opportunities for cooperation. It concludes with a discussion of William’s work and PhD dissertation, where he will continue sampling and research in the future. Meanwhile, Zhao Shizhen and He Kun should develop a more detailed project sampling program for future cooperation.