Lin Tian and Zhao Zhen visit the group

On August 24-26, Lin Tian and Zhao Zhen came back to pay a visit to the group for a discussion of collaboration between the two bodies. They visited the lab, and  of cause had dinners and lunches together with several group members. They have at moment two MSc students visiting the group, and suppose to send more in the future. Time goes by and they stay well and have done well with their jobs in Shanghai Ocean University.  In the picture there is Li Jing who the same as Zhao Zhen stayed in HZG in Germany with Dr Xie Zhiyong (谢志勇); and Weiru one of whose teachers in Chongqing University was Wang Fengwen(王锋文) who studied with Professor Guo Zhigang ( 郭志刚), as Lin Tian did. Complicated?