Rahat Riaz

Rahat Riaz is a Ph. D candicate from Quaid-Azam University in Pakistan.Her supervisor is Dr.Riffat Naseem Malik.She is working on cold trapping mechanism of Persistent organic polluants(POPs) for Himalalys.
PhD      In Progress
M.Phil.   Environmental Sciences (Major: Environmental Biology and Ecotoxicology).Quaid-i- Azam University,Islamabad, Pakistan
BS         Environmental Sciences (Major: Environmental Microbiology and Waste Management).International Islamic University, Islamabad

1. First baseline data on PAHs and BC concentration, spatial distribution and estimation of black carbon burial fluxes in the Lesser Himalaya region of Pakistan.
2. Influence of black carbon on distribution of PAHs and BC along altitudinal gradient of lesser Himalaya region of Pakistan.
3. New insight into the association among PAHs and black carbon and black carbon burial flux.
1. M.Phil: Assessing role of PAHs mediated BC along altitudinal gradient of Jhelum Riverine System in lesser Himalaya region of Pakistan (Supervisor: Dr. Riffat Naseem Malik).
2. BS: Management Practices in multi-designated Protected Areas: Case study of Lal Suhanara National Park (Supervisor: Dr. Nadia Akthar).
1. Modelling of cold trapping mechanism of persistent organic pollutants for Himalayas
2. Cross and spatial distribution of persistent organic pollutants in different environmental media of Pakistan
3. Status of emerging persistent organic pollutants such as PCNs, PBDEs and DPs in Central Indus River Basin and Himalayas
4. Ecotoxicology of POPs
5. Risk assessment of POPs
6. Carbon fraction cycles in cold regions of Pakistan
7. Influence of different carbon fractions upon distribution status and sorption with POPs and on climate change

1. Pakistan Institute of Science & Technology (PINSTECH) (internee) (2011).The job entailed working as an internee in research project of TWAS-UNESCO “identification of organic pollutants in sediments and waste water and reuse of waste water in Pakistan” and got hand training on different lab equipments: UV vis spectrophotometer, solid phase extraction, polarograph, paqualab incubator and portables meters for physiochemical analysis of water samples.
2. Event organizer of International conference on membrane technology and sustainable energy technologies, Climate, people and plant and International mountain festival (2013) at institute of environmental sciences and engineering at NUST.
3. Composting Technology workshop on suitable Composting Technology in Centre for Waste Management (2013), National University of Sciences and Technology Islamabad, Pakistan.
4. Training course on Geoghraphical Information System at Akhtar Hameed Khan Research center (2013).
5. Programme organizer of HCFC, s Phase out Conferences organized by Ozone Cell Pakistan, and International Conference on Climate Change Effects on PAKISTAN (2010, 2011).

Proficient to Geographical Information System (GIS version 9.3), MS office (Word, Power point, Excel, Front page), SPSS, XlStat, Statistica, Coral Draw and Inpage, PMF, MLR, PCA, UNMIX, PSCF, HYSPLIT.

Preparation of research/industrial oriented standard operating procedures
Well versed in Research and Report writing
Strong analytical, problem solving and decision making skills
Strong time management, organization, and prioritization skills
Ability to learn new concepts & techniques
Planning and monitoring skills; ability to organize work and projects
Commitment to continuous learning for professional development