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Soil Bioscience Forum

Sino-UK Soil Bioscience Forum 2015 held at GIG

Nov 10-13th,2015

See GIG official news at: 广州地化所举办“中—英土壤可持续发展研讨会”.

‘Sino-UK Soil Bioscience Forum 2015’ was held at Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry on November 10-13th, 2015. The Forum was organized by Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry, Chinese academy of Sc iences (GIGCAS) and Lancaster Environment Centre (LEC) of Lancaster University.
More than 20 top researchers attended the Forum. They are from LEC, GIGCAS, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS, Prof Wang Yanfen), South China Botanic Garden of CAS (Prof Fu Shenglei), Wuhan Botanic Garden of CAS (Prof Wang Jun), Nanjing University (Prof Ye Lin), Peking University (Prof Xie Shuguang), Sun-Yat-Sun University (Prof Huang Linan), South China University of Technology (Prof Yin Hua), Nanjing Institute of Soil Sciences of CAS (Prof Wang Yujun), South China Agricultural University (Prof Li Yongtao), Guangdong Institute of Eco-environment and Soil (Prof Li Fangbai), respectively.
The convenors of this forum were Professors Luo Chunling and Nick Ostle.  The Forum was co-sponsored by BBSRC, GIGCAS and i-RICE.
s1Front row: Wang Jun, Xie Shuguang, Jess Davies, Ye Lin, Li Yongtao, Alona Armstrong, David Tyfield, Wang Yujun, Liu Tongxu, Sun Yingtao, Jiang Longfei, Li Qiqian. Back row: Xu Yue, Luo Chunling, Ran Yong, Huang Linan, Niall McNamara, Nick Ostle, Zhang Gan, Fu Shenglei, Song  Mengke, Jiang Yishan, Dai Qing.
s2Front row: Zhang Gan, Fu Shenglei, Luo Chunling, Nick Ostle, Niall McNamara, Wang Yanfen, Ran Yong, Wang Yujun, Xu Yue, Jiang Yishan. Back row: Li Fangbai, Li Yongtao, Yin Hua, Alona Armstrong, Jess Davies, Xie Shuguang, Liu Tongxu, Ye Lin, David Tyfield, Zhou Jiayi, Li Jun.
 s5As forum chair ,Professor Nick Ostle was delivering the opening address on the first day.
Professor Huang Linan gave a presentation on “Dynamics of microbial community compostion and function in mine tailings generating acid mine drainage”.
s3“What is soil doing?”  Featured Professor Nick Ostle of LEC, also as a CAS senior visiting professor to GIG.