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PDRA final and mid-term reports

On July 30, Shizhen and Jibing presented their PDRA final reports over a review panel. Both of them were awarded previously ‘Tu Guangchi’ A and B by the institute, and enrolled as new staffs. Vahab and Huanfang in the meantime presented their PDRA mid-term reports with good progress.

Shizhen worked on PCBs and made nice stories. Well done!
Jinbing has been working on DNA-SIP and very fruitful.
Huang Huanfang is working on sediment records of Sri Lankan water tanks in CKDu affected regions.
Vahab has been working on POPs in barnacles and BC in sediment in Malaysia.

With collaboration advisors

POPs Forum 2019 in Guangzhou

On May 16-18, Gan, Biao, Wenwen, Huanfang, Lele, Liu Yi and Shizhen attended the POPs Forum 2019 hold in Guangzhou. Biao gave two presentations, one is on the isotope fractionation of dibromoethane degradation and another is about the PMOCs. Wenwen also presented her recent work on the nitrosamine pollution in Pearl River. This is also the first time for Lele and Liu Yi to attend an academic conference.

The group of us.  

Handsome Prof. Biao.

Wenwen was talking about nitrosamine.

Serious Prof. Gan. He is also a member of national POPs committee board.