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Dilanka MSc viva

On September 20th, Dilanka did her MSc viva. She worked on antibiotics in two sewage wastewater treatment plants in Sri Lanka, which is a pioneering work in the country. She also firstly compared antibiotics in Colombo, capital city of SL with those in a tourist town of Hikkadowa, and found that macrolide maybe serve as an indicator of foreign visitors, especially Indian, to SL.  Dilaka’s tutor in university, Professor Tilak from Ruhuna University of SL came for her defense, and acted as the assessment panel chair. Her MSc defense was successful and impressive, with a score of ‘excellent’.  Congratulations!

With the assessment panel members. From left to right, Professors Yang Lihua (杨丽华) of Sun Yat-sen University, Wang Dongxiao(王东晓) of SCSIO, Tilak of Ruhuna University, Sri Lanka, Dilanka, Gan, Professors Sasho and Jin Biao of GIG.

Dilanka on her MSc viva.

Professor Tilak who was Dilanka’s tutor when she was in Ruhuna University came deliberately for the defense. 

Professor Wang Dongxiao, and Professor Tilak, are  co-directors of the China-Sri Lanka Research and Education Centre, CAS.

With her teachers.

Guangcai was among whom first meet Dilanka in SL.

Sister Liu Xin helped through the lab work and writing.

The 11th ISEG

On August 8-10, a group of us including Liu Xin, Zhang Ruiling, Zhang Gan, Chen Wenwen, Mahdi and Dilanka attended the 11th International Symposium on Environmental Geochemistry (ISEG) in Peking Universe. The symposium was organized by Professors Tao Shu(陶澍) and Zhu Dongqiang(朱东强).  Gan was invited to give a keynote speech entitled ‘Development and Applications of Radiocarbon Analysis Techniques for Tracking Atmospheric Organic Species in China’. The talk promoted our works on radiocarbon analysis of BC/BrC/Di-acids/IVOC (naphthalene), and demonstrated radiocarbon analysis as a powerful tool in tracing the sources of atmospheric organics.   Other group members all gave poster presentations, a bunch of ‘waters’! On the eve of the opening ceremony day, we are able to gather in a restaurant  ‘Friday’  for a drink.

Workshop on Environmental Monitoring Along the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road

On May 26-27th, workshop on Environmental Monitoring Along the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road took place at Room 308 of Biaoben Building, Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry, CAS. The workshop was under a project of “Southern Contaminants Programme (SCP)” “南方污染观测与研究计划”, a CAS Belt & Road Initiative (中国科学院“一带一路”科技合作专项). Totally, more than 20 people participated the workshop, including two steering committee members of the project, Prof. Kevin C Jones from Lancaster University of UK and Prof. Mohamad Pauzi Bin Zakaria from University of Malaya, and six international partners, Dr. Muhammad Mansha from Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission of Pakistan, Dr. Jabir H. Syed from COMSATS Institute of Information Technology of Pakistan, Dr. Dwi Hindarti from Indonesian Institute of Sciences, Dr. Le Quang Dung from Vietnam, Prof. Md. Ahsan Habib from University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, and Mr. Simion Kipkorir Bartilol from University of Nairobi, Kenya. We also specifically invited Prof. Hanping Zhuang, President and CEO of Jireh Technology of China, and Miss Ming Liu, Chief Representative of Technology and Innovation at the British Consulate-General Guangzhou. The workshop mainly consists of five sessions including welcome and background introduction by Gan, participants’ introductions, roundtable discussions, group discussions and lab tour. The workshop provides a good opportunity to meet and discuss deeply with each SCP partner, thus leading an extension of the international research network on toxic chemicals from East South Asia to South Asia and East Africa.

Icebreaker at Ramada Hotel

Welcome and background introduction by Prof Gan, head of the project.

Lab tour.

Group discussions. Participants were divided into three groups and discussed questions proposed in the previous sessions.

Back row from left to right: Ming Liu (刘明), Mohamad Pauzi Bin Zakaria, Kevin C Jones, Mahdi Safaei Khorram, Md. Ahsan Habib, Jabir H. Syed, Simion Kipkorir Bartilol, Manqing Wu (吴曼青), Guangcai Zhong and Hanping Zhuang (庄汉平). Front row from left to right: Wenwen Chen, Jun Li, Xin Liu, Dilanka, Le Quang Dung, Biao Jin, Gan Zhang, Muhammad Mansha, Dwi Hindarti and Shizhen Zhao.


Photo taken in front of Zhenhai Building

Waiting for the amazing Peal River night cruise