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Shizhen and Jin Biao attended the 2020 POP Forum in Shanghai

On November 11-12, Shizhen and Jin Biao attended attended the 15th POP Forum in Shanghai. Both of them made oral presentation and attracted lots of audience and fans. Shizhen talked about unintentionally produced PCBs in Chinese cities, Jin Biao presented his opinion on PMTs. Huang Chen also participated. The team  met Lin Tian(林田), Tang Jianhui (唐建辉),Zhao Zhen (赵祯)and Wang Lifang (王丽芳) on the meeting.

William Arko visit the group

William visited the group on Jan 3-5. William met us at a workshop organized by Lancaster University, in Accra, Ghana in last March. He then decided to pursue his PhD degree in our group. William has been a technical officer in the Water Research Institute (WRI) of Commonwealth Science and Industry Research (CSIR) of Ghana (加纳). He was successfully enrolled in China Geosciences University at Wuhan, with the help from Professor Qi Shihua(祁士华). He will spend his first year in Wuhan for classes, then join us in Guangzhou for research. On this visit, he gave a talk introducing himself on group meeting on Jan 4th. In the meantime, we had time to gather at night of the 3rd for a beer on the waterfront of the Pearl River, and the 4th at Hutaoli (胡桃里)pub. Willaim will go back to Ghana for sampling in the coming winter holiday.