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Longfei publishes in JGR-Biogeosciences, another China forests soil campaign contribution

Jiang Longfei’s paper ‘Decoupled Spatial Distribution of PAHs Degraders Determined by Taxonomic 16S rRNA and Degrading Genes Across Chinese Forest Soils‘ published recently in JGR-Biogeosciences.  This is another contribution from our past China forests soil sampling campaign. Congratulations!

PS: I dig out from my Weibo some pictures of sampling in Changbai (Shan) and a few text I recorded thereafter (September 2012).


Fourth PolyU-GIG Joint Workshop

Jiang Longfei awarded Best Oral Presentation on the 4th Annual PolyU-GIG Joint Workshop

(Shenzhen, 20151219)

On December 19, the 4th Annual PolyU-GIG Joint Workshop was held in Shenzen. There were 21 oral presentations dilivered by postdoctors and PhD students on the annual event. Jiang Longfei (江龙飞)was awarded Best Oral Presentation by the committee, among a total of 4 of its kind. Congratulations.

See more about this event at offical news: please click

j1Senior Professor Li Xiangzhong (right 1,李湘中) awarded the certificate to the awardee (3 students and 1 postdoctor). Dr Henry BH Lee (left 1, 李伯亨) of PolyU was one of the organizers.

j2Jiang Longfei gave a talk on Application of SIP in screening PAH degraders in forest soil. Good science and excellent presentation with confidence.

j3Senior Professor Chan Lo-yan (right 1,陈鲁言) gave certificate to the awardees (8 students) of Best Poster Presentation.

j4The annual event was well organized by Henry Lee (李伯亨)of PolyU and Ding Xiang (丁翔)of GIG. Shown here is the feast buffet for lunch.