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PhD and MSc viva

On May 23, Jiaqi(王嘉琦), Hongxin(姜鸿兴)and Buqing (徐 步青) successfully did their PhD viva. The assessment panel included Professors Chen Yingjun(陈颖军), Tian Chongguo(田崇国), Zhang Yanlin(章炎麟), Chen Duohong(陈多宏), Ding Xiang(丁翔) and Hu Weiwei(胡伟伟).

Together, in the group we had also  Li Qiqian (李启虔,PhD),  Hu Beibei (胡蓓蓓,PhD), Xu Wenli (许文丽,MSc) and Zhang Qing (张庆,MSc) passed their viva these days.

Congratulations to the new doctors and masters!

Photographer: 黄晨、张干


GIG held a badminton competition on April 14th, in which 4 members of our group participated,including Sun Yue, Wu Zhaocheng, Xu wenli and Tian Lele.

Finally, Sun Yue and Wu Zhaocheng won the bronze medal in mixed doubles; Wenli and Sun Yue got the silver medal in women’s doubles; and Wenli ranked 2nd in women’s singles.

All great job, congratulations!

Photo of the whole team

Happy girls

Great teamwork