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Tiangang and Zhaocheng degree viva

On August 20 morning, Tang Tian-gang and Wu Zhao-cheng did their PhD and MSc degree viva, respectively. Tiangang worked on compound-specific radiocarbon and stable carbon and deuterium isotopes of IVOCs/naphthalene. Zhaocheng worked on leaching of PFAs in soil columns with and without plants. Both of them succeeded in the viva. The video viva was organized online. Congratulations!

PhD referee panel for Tiangang: Professors Guo Hai (郭海,香港理工大学,主席), Fu Pingqing (傅平青,天津大学),Zhang Yanlin (章炎麟,南京信息工程大学),Ding Xiang (丁翔,GIG),Hu Weiwei (胡伟伟,GIG).

Tiangang and Zhaocheng were turning their computers to enable the online video viva scheduled next morning.


GIG held a badminton competition on April 14th, in which 4 members of our group participated,including Sun Yue, Wu Zhaocheng, Xu wenli and Tian Lele.

Finally, Sun Yue and Wu Zhaocheng won the bronze medal in mixed doubles; Wenli and Sun Yue got the silver medal in women’s doubles; and Wenli ranked 2nd in women’s singles.

All great job, congratulations!

Photo of the whole team

Happy girls

Great teamwork


On October 11th, our group held a meeting for mid-term reports and research proposals. First, Tang Tiangang, Tang Jiao and Su Tao did their mid-term reports, then Hu Beibei, Liu Yi, Zhang Jiyun, Wang Xiao, Tian Lele and Wu Zhaocheng did their research proposals.

Judges were made up of Professor Jin Biao, Li Jun, Luo Chunling and Zhang Gan, from whom objective and impartial comments on every report was given, some of the viewpoints in the reports even aroused heated discussions.

Tang Tiangang was explaining one of his charts.

Tang Jiao gave his viewpoints on brown carbon.

Su Tao was explaining his models.

Hu Beibei will continue her work on phosphorus flame retardant.

Liu Yi gave an explanation CSIA.

Zhang Jiyun will work on effects of physical isotope fractionation on groundwater contaminants.

Wu Zhaocheng was talking about how to control heavy metal pollution.

Tian Lele was interpreting about her work plan.

Wang Xiao will work on black carbon.

(photos from Liu Yi, written & edited by Wu Zhaocheng, revised&uploaded by Zhang Bolong)