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New NSFC projects sanctioned

Five new projects by the group members were sanctioned by NSFC, according to the official news on August 18. The awardee include Yangzhi, Shizhen, Longfei, Pingyang (of young scientist program) and Zhineng (of general program).  Congratulations!

We can also congratulate Tiangang who  received his first NSFC project (of young scientist program) elsewhere in Changsha.

Occasionally, Junwen came with his PhD student Jiangfan.

A  few of us had a small gathering for dinner.

Yangzhi publish LUR work in STOTEN

Yanzhi’s paper entitled ‘The application of land use regression model to investigate spatiotemporal variations of PM2.5 in Guangzhou, China: Implications for the public health benefits of PM2.5 reduction’ has been accepted for publication in STOTEN. This is an outcome of our LUR project, with which the group has developed a framework on LUR modeling for intra-urban air quality and environmental health studies in Guangzhou. Congratulations!

Spatial variation of predicted annual average PM2.5 concentrations by land use regression model in Guangzhou.