Visiting the Pearl River Council

On July 26, a group of us, Jin Biao, Chen Wenwen, Liu Xin and I paid a half day visit to the Pearl River Council(珠江水利委员会). We were welcome by Ms Zhang Guangyan who is the head of the research office of the Council.  Liu Xin gave a talk on wastewater based epidemiology showing some nice result from Guangzhou, Sri Lanka and Iran. Chen Wenwen reported her recent advance of her work on N-nitrosamines in the Pearl River. Jin Biao interpreted the concept of persistent and mobile organic compounds (PMOCs) to the audience who are from various departments of the Council and its affiliated organizations. The talks were followed by a detailed discussion and exchange of information in particular future activities and reform in the Council including the establishment of   a research institute on environment and the hand-over of groundwater management from geological survey to the Council.  Lots of collaboration opportunities!