Meet regolith sample from the Chang’e 5 Lunar Mission

On July 30, along the Joint Meeting on Nanling Mountain Expedition and Research Collaboration (南岭山地科学考察与科研合作研讨会), a special event was arranged, that the attendants had the opportunity to see the regolith sample from the Chang’e 5 Lunar Mission. The regolith sample, which was the lunar surface ‘soil’, weighted 6000 mg. It was obtained with our CAS research project ‘Exploring organic matters in regolith from the Chang’e 5 Lunar Mission’ (探查‘嫦娥五号’月壤样品中的有机质), led by our group. For the special event, we purchased a new transparent vacuum  box, and setup a dedicated mechanism to fix/present the sample, which is in a quartz bottle as very fine particles. All were excited and it was memorable event specially for everyone on the academic meeting!