Natcha Rugkarn

Natcha Rugkarn (Beam): Born and raised in a small town in Thailand, I have gained my passion for implementing science knowledge to improve the environment in my hometown. I am a newly graduated student (B.Sc.) from the Department of Environmental Science, Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University. My senior project focused on quantifying nitrogen budget balance in the intensive shrimp farming as well as calculating economic efficiency. My research work is in a preparation process for publication. During  my undergrad journey, I am positioned a head of department students who managed to run academic and non-academic activities. I am currently inspired by the field work and would like to learn more about paddy field practices in Thailand that link to soil properties and carbon isotopes. I am now a research assistant for Assistant Professor Pasicha Chaikaew (Ph.D.) under a collaborative project with GIGCAS.