Xiaofei’s new paper published in ES&T Letters

Xiaofei’s new paper entitled ‘Ship emissions as the largest contributor to coastal atmospheric black carbon at a receptor island in southern China‘ has been accepted for publication in ES&T Letters; and was selected as a supplementary cover story by the editors.

This story is from  the dataset of Xieyang Island (斜阳岛), where we  setup air sampler and sampled for a round year.  Click here to see what happened in 2016 in Xieyang Island. 


Celebration at the Yuyinshanfang clan academy

On June 6, many group members came to Yuyinshanfang (余荫山房) to celebrate and witness the graduation of Nigar (PhD), Bolong (PhD,张伯龙), Jiali (MSc, 徐佳栎) and Guoqing (MSc, 官国庆).  This serial event has been the ‘official’ ceremony of our group, and we will insist on managing it. It is one of the greatest and most exiting moments for the four awardees, that with the degree gowns on it denotes a success and highlight milestone in their lifetime. Congratulations!