Kick-off plan: Air-Omics Squad fish plan(“咸鱼”计划)

In Jan13-19, the Air-Omics Squad (“爱米”小分队)(Shizhen, Lele, Jianchu, Yuwei and Yingjian),  started a refreshing work on fish sampling.  All fish samples were coming from the South China Sea, the East Sea, the West sea, the Bohai sea,and the North Bay. The flesh and livers of four types of fish (Monkfish, yellow fish, silver pomfret and hairtail ) were cut and homogenized, and the  mixtures were stored in closed brown glass bottles. This came to be a new content of the Air-Omics Squad project.

Do click the video for special moment! And look at the wonderful images!

Silver pomfret(top) and yellow fish(below).

Shizhen and the big monkfish.

Lele and Yingjian dealing with hairtailand monkfish separately.

Yingjian was teaching Yuwei to cut the monkfish.

Great video on dealing with fish samples produced by Yuwei.


Jibing publish new paper in ES&T

Jibing’s paper entitled ‘Identifying the active phenanthrene degraders and characterizing their metabolic activities at single-cell level by the combination of magnetic-nanoparticle mediated isolation, stable-isotope probing and Raman-activated cell sorting (MMI-SIP-RACS’ was accepted for publication in ES&T, with Supplementary Cover Story. Congratulations!