GOE Colloquium (报告会)

自2017年9月始,由于学科组已近30人,研究方向覆盖面不断扩大,为便于加强专业学习,将学科组分成若干个研究/学习小组。其中,每个小组由 1-2名研究员带领,分别开展专业学习活动,形式不拘。而学科组总体,则每 月召开一次联合报告会,由3-4名成员作主题学术报告,并行讨论,是谓GOE Colloquium。

1st GOE Colloquium



Date Speakers Title of presentation Chair
2017.07.30 All PDRAs and students Mid-year worksummary Jiang Hongxin
2017.07.13 Dilanka Study in Wuhan. And basics of sewage epidemiology Sun Yue
Li Qiqian Aerobic bio-degradation of oxygenated PAHs
Mo Yangzhi Effect of OC/EC and their mixing states on the light absorption of aerosols
2017.06.29 Tang Jiao Dada processing of 3D-EEM Sun Yue
Liu Xin Illicit drugs in the environment
2017.06.15 Li Jibing Effect and possible mechanism of autochthonous bioaugmentation on the indigenous microbial community and the degradation of phenantharene in wastewater from an oil-refinery facility Jiang Hongxin
2017.06.05 Sun Yingtao Land-use impact on microbial biodiversity in tropical Hainan Jiang Hongxin
Jiang Longfei Soil-plant transport of PFOA/S
2017.05.18 Jiang Hongxin HRMS as a tool in characterizing brown carbon in the atmosphere Sun Yue
Sun Yue Expenditure on the Sea and Oceans
 2017.05.02 Jiang Haoyu PUF-PAS of levoglucosan for monitoring of biomass burning Xu Buqing
 Jiang Yishan Persistence of soil organic carbon as an ecosystem property
2017.04.11 Tang Jiao updating biomass burning BrC characterization progress Xu Buqing
2017.03.23 Tang Tiangang 博士论文开题报告预演 Wang Jiaqi
Dai Qing 博士论文开题报告
2017.03.06 Geng Xiaofei Updating the Xie Yang Island study Wang Jiaqi
2017.01.26 All students and PDRAs 2016 Annual reports Xu Buqing

–Below are archives of past group meeting records.

Date Speaker Title of presentation Chair
20160922 Sun Yingtao  Land-use change of the tropical rainforest reduces the spatial turnover and results in biotic homogenization of soil bacterial communities Sun Yue
    20161017 Li Jibing In situ biodegradation of phenanthrene in polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon-contaminated sewage water revealed by coupling cultivation-dependent and -independent approaches Jiang Hongxing
Tang Tiangang Two Different Automated systems for Quantifying Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) from Cambridge and Georgia-Tech Jiang Hongxing
  20161103 Zhao Shizhen The UP-PCBs in China-an overlooked environmental issue? Xu Buqing
Dai Qing Tenax TA for POPs bioavailability investigation Xu Buqing
Jiang Haoyu

Geng Xiaofei

Mao Shudun

Tang Jiao

8-minute working report Xu Buqing
      20161118 Su Tao

Dai Qing

Tang Jiao

  PhD confirmation(转博答辩) Zhang Gan
Mo Yangzhi

Xu Buqing

8-minute working report Zhang Gan
20161201 Song Mengke Introduction of the 19th Chinese National Symposium on Environmental Microbiology in Chongqing Sun Yue
Su Tao

Zhang Xiangyun

Sun Yue


8-minute working report Sun Yue
      20161215 Jiang Hongxing


Wang Jiaqi

  Molecular Identification of BrC by using High resolution mass spectrometry


Biomass burning — a review of organic tracers
for smoke from incomplete combustion
Jiang Hongxing


Jiang Hongxing

Jiang Hongxing

Wang Jiaqi

 8-minute working report Jiang Hongxing

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