PhD viva of Wang Shaorui

PhD viva of Wang Shaorui (20151118)

Wang Shaorui has successfully defended his PhD work! Congratulations! The title of his thesis is “Mechanism of halogenated flame retardants uptake and translocation in plants in co-contaminated soil with organic and heavy metal pollutants “. The members of the defense committee were Professors Yin Hua (chairman of the committee), Yu Zhiqiang, Peng Xianzhi, Bi Xinhui, Liu Chengshuai.Among them, Professos Yin Hua and Liu Chengshuai were the external committee members.Professors Zhang Gan ,Luo Chunling and some group members also attended the defence of Wang Shaorui.

w1Dr Wang Shaorui !!

w2Dr Wang Shaorui, Professor Luo Chunling and the assessment panel.

w3Dr Wang Shaorui and his supervisor Professor Luo Chunling. They had a lot of happiness and pain together during his PhD period.

w4Dr Wang Shaorui and some of the group members.