The 1st Chinese soil analysis technics seminar held in Nanjing

On 27th-29th of November 2019, Yishan attended the 1st Chinese soil analysis technics seminar in Nanjing, Jiangsu province. Over 300 researchers came from different institutes attended this seminar and discussed the topic of “Modern soil analysis technics applying on soil research and industries”. The scientists displayed the new soil technics in soil research including soil samples pre-treatment, soil microbial analysis, inorganic mass spectrometry, organic matter spectrometry, isotope mass spectrometry. Yishan also gave a presentation on her project titled “PLFA individuals separated from forest soil for radiocarbon analysis-method and application”, showed the natural radiocarbon analysis applying on study climate change influence on microbial carbon dynamic.

Home page of the seminar

A new technique of stable isotope application on soil microbial biomarker analysis was presented by team member in Liangchao research team from Institute of applied ecology, Chinese academy of Sciences

Yishan gave her presentation

Our old friend, prof. Zhang Xian became a new committee member of Chinese soil analysis technique committee.