On June 24th, the kick-off meeting of Project 1 under the Guangdong Province Greenhouse Gas, Forest and Ocean Carbon Sink Monitoring Technology Research (广东省温室气体及森林和海洋碳汇监测技术研究项目, 简称广东省碳监测项目) organized by the Guangdong Province Ecological Environment Monitoring Center (EMC). The event was dedicated to Project 1 (包组一:大气温室气体监测和通量估算方法体系建设) and Project 3 (包组三:韶关市碳监测网络站点选址、森林碳汇监测及广东省大气温室气体监测方案设计). Around 54 people in total attended this meeting with 29 persons online, including participants from Guangdong EMC (刘军副主任,廖彤主任,陈多宏副主任,张涛和陈瑶瑶等), GIG-CAS (张干研究员,李军研究员,李平阳,李静,宋伟和黄晓晴, Project 1),Jinan University (王伯光教授,王好研究员和张春林副教授,Project 3),Guangdong Suncere technology Co., Ltd (广东旭诚科技有限公司,Project 1),Guangdong Huayue technology Co., Ltd (广东华粤科技有限公司,Project 3) and EMCs of seven cities (广州, 深圳, 韶关, 湛江, 珠海, 汕头和中山监测站). Liu Jun (刘军) hosted the meeting. Li Jun (李军) and Wang Boguang (王伯光) gave the presentations on the project 1 and 3, respectively. The attendees discussed a lot on the projects’ implementation. The EMCs from the seven cities also expressed their support. Zhang Gan (张干) indicated that GIG-CAS would full support for the project 1 and Guangdong carbon monitoring plans.