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Initiating the Dongjiang Campaign

On August 10-11, Xiaofei, Shizhen, Li Jun and Zhang Gan joined with a group from SYSU led by professor Chen Jianyao (陈建耀)to visit Heyuan Hydrology Station (河源水文站). This denotes a kick-off of  our Dongjiang (东江) campaign dedicated to the NSFC  Major Program ‘GEOchemical Behaviours and Environmental Effect of Black Carbon (BC) Substances ‘ (The GEOBBC). By taking Dongjiang catchment as the research venue, we are hoping to illustrate a ‘regional’ picture  of BC from the river source and the Pearl River estuary.

The visit, kindly arranged by Professor Chen, came out to be very successful, owing to his and SYSU’s strong influence on the Guangdong Hydrology Centre (广东省水文中心)and its branch Huizhou Centre (惠州分中心)to which the Station is affiliated. We had extensive discussions  with the key staffs of Heyuan Station headed by Mr Tian Zhaowei (田兆伟). Zhaowei and two of his colleagues Ms Chen and Ms Zhang Di are very professional,  knowing Dongjiang in great details. Zhang Di, who obtained her MSc with Professor Chen in SYSU, introduced to us the whole picture of the hydrology stations across the Heyuan Section of Dongjiang. It seems that our Dongjiang campaign of the GEOBBC Program could be carried out as planned, with the expected strong support from Mr Tian and his teem.

After the official visit to Heyuan Station, our team was guided by Zhaowei  to visit the Xinfengjiang Reservoir and had opportunity to discuss more with professionals there. We were also able to see inside the dam of the XFJ Hydroelectric Power Plant, and the beautiful scenery of the reservoir which is the second largest in China!

In the evening, Mr Zhou who is the head of the Huizhou Branch Centre of Guangdong Hydrology Centre joined us to ascertain kindly his strong  support to our GEOBBC-Dongjiang Campaign.

The squad of GEOBBC-Dongjiang Campaign.

Discussion in Heyuan Hydrology Station.

Discussions in XFJ Hydro-Power Plant.

The Heyuan Hydrology Observatory.

On the top of the XFJ Dam.  Shown  田兆伟(左三)、陈建 耀(左四)、张迪 (右二)and Chen ? (左二).

Professor Chen of SYSU and I entered NJU in 1983, both from Fujian province.

Professor Chen and his two students who are working in the Heyuan Station as key professional staffs.

Shizhen at the scenery watch on top of the XFJ Dam.

Inside of the big dam and see the four hydroelectric power generators.

See more closely the power generator.

With Mr Luo Qingbiao (罗清标), one of the key engineers of the power plant.

The calligraph was by Mr Tao Zhu (陶涛), who was the chief of Mid-South China, and led the construction of the SFJ reservoir/Hydro-power station.

Meet regolith sample from the Chang’e 5 Lunar Mission

On July 30, along the Joint Meeting on Nanling Mountain Expedition and Research Collaboration (南岭山地科学考察与科研合作研讨会), a special event was arranged, that the attendants had the opportunity to see the regolith sample from the Chang’e 5 Lunar Mission. The regolith sample, which was the lunar surface ‘soil’, weighted 6000 mg. It was obtained with our CAS research project ‘Exploring organic matters in regolith from the Chang’e 5 Lunar Mission’ (探查‘嫦娥五号’月壤样品中的有机质), led by our group. For the special event, we purchased a new transparent vacuum  box, and setup a dedicated mechanism to fix/present the sample, which is in a quartz bottle as very fine particles. All were excited and it was memorable event specially for everyone on the academic meeting!


On Oct 11-17, Prof Örjan Gustafsson from Stockholm University visited SKLOG. This is his third time to visit GZ and it was again a very constructive, stimulating and pleasant visit as he commented. During the visit at GIG, Örjan gave two well-attended lectures pointing to two research aspects, including “Sources and optical properties of black carbon over Asia” on Oct 13 and “Sources constraints and translocated degradation of Siberian-Arctic organic matter and methane” on Oct 16. Örjan’s work is based on field observations and sampling in remote locations, i.e. Arctic and atmospheric observatories over South and East Asia, often using isotopic analysis techniques. He was excited to share recent findings in the field of aerosols and Arctic-C under climate change. Örjan also jointly supervised students together with Gan, Jun, Zhineng and Guangcai. Twelve students of our group who involved in isotopic research reported their research progress individually. Örjan contributed and discussed in deep with the students.

Örjan Gustafsson was awarded Distinguished Scientists under the CAS President’s International Fellowship Initiative (PIFI) for 2019. His tour in China was actually from 6 to 17 Oct. Apart from GIG, he was also invited to visit Prof Zheng Mei at Peking University, Prof Kang Shichang at NIEER-CAS (西北生态环境资源研究院), Prof Wang Dongxiao at SCSIO-CAS (南海所) and Junwen at Jinan University, while GIG helped with the PIFI application and is the host institute. We believe that the visit would further strengthen our academic collaboration and we expect more contacts in the near future.

Örjan was giving a lecture in Beijing

Lecture at SKLOG

Wow, congratulations to him.

Örjan was very kind to invite for dinner together at a wonderful dumpling restaurant the night before he leave. He appreciated all of us and expressed his affection for GZ. Buqing is going to visit him very soon. We wish him good luck 🙂

Orjan was at CAS Nam Co Observation and Research Station

Guess, who won the game?

Orjan said one of his favorite moment was Guangcai, Zhineng and him in front of the Canton Tower.