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Kick-off Meeting of Air-POM Project

On the afternoon of 18th November, the kick-off meeting of Air-POM project was held in GIG. We invited Profs. Chen Yingjun (陈颖军), Tian Chongguo (田崇国) and Zhang Yanlin (章炎麟) as external experts. The project aims at looking at the sources, chemical constituents, toxicity of polycyclic aromatic organic matter (POM) in atmospheric particulate matter (PM), as well as atmospheric fate. The research plan was further clarified. Dr. Tang Jiao was appointed as the project manager and will be responsible for looking after the Air-POM project.

Key participants of the Air-POM project include 张干、钟广财(BPCA及其同位素)、赵时真(靶向/非靶向)、朱三元(14C)、蒋彬(超高分辨率质谱)、马慧敏(遗传毒性)、唐娇(2D-LC/光学性质)、张伯龙(南岭)、邵英健(毒性/风险)、李静(数值模式)。

Lele and Xiaofei Degree Viva

On  the morning of 18th of Nov, Xiaofei and Lele successfully defended their PhD and MSc degree thesis, respectively. Xiaofei worked on tropical marine carbonaceouse aerosols over the South China Sea and East Indian Ocean. Lele worked on the POPs in the air the Pearl River Delta region. The committee members included Profs. Chen Yingjun, Zhang Yanlin, Tian Chongguo, Xu Weihai, Chen Duohong and Li Jun. Congratulations to Xiaofei and Lele!