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Shizhen and Jibing awarded GD outstanding young scientists projects

Shizhen and Jibing were awarded 2022 Guangdong Outstanding Young Scientists projects (广东省杰出青年基金项目), respectively.  In the meantime, Nannan, Longfei and Yangzhi each was awarded a new general project(面上项目) by the Guangdong Natural Scientific Foundation. Congratulations!

PS. We had chance to have a small gathering to celebrate on Dec the 4th at Dongting Tujiguan, amid the cheers there was a wager set among us on the champaign of the Qatar World Cup!

Liu Yi, Zhao Xuan and Wang Xiao PhD viva

On Nov the 18th and the 22nd, three girls of the group did their PhD viva, respectively.   For Liu Yi (刘艺,on the 18th), the assessment panel members included Profs Li Xue (李雪) of JNU, Yang Xiaofan(杨晓帆) of BJNU, Hu Weiwei, Lin Mang(林莽) and Zhang Gan (chair); for Zhao Xuan (赵轩,the 22nd), there were Profs Yin Hua(尹华) and Mo Cehui (莫测辉)of JNU, Chen Yingjun of Fudan-U, Li Jun and Zhang Gan (chair); and for Wang Xiao (王晓,the 22nd), there were Chen Yingjun of Fudan-U, Zhang Yanlin of NJUIST, Tian Chongguo of YIC, Luo Chunling and Zhang Gan (chair). Congratulations on the 3 new Doctors!