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New paper on OCPs in the PRD accepted by ES&T

Lele(乐乐), Shizhen(时真) and Li Jing’s (李静) new paper entitled ‘DDT, chlordane and hexachlorobenzene in the air of the Pearl River Delta revisited: a tale of source, history and monsoon‘ has been accepted for publication in ES&T.  The paper illustrates the general picture of the OCPs in the Pearl River Delta. It has been a team work achievement dedicated to our ATMSYC project. Well done and congratulations!

The geographic-anthropogenic factors, including source, history, and air circulation pattern, combine to affect the regional fate of OCP compounds. Inspired by Gan, illustrated by Lele and Shizhen.

Spatial distribution and time trends of the OCPs. Slide by Gan, presented at Xi’ning over POP Forum 2021.

PSCF illustration and presented by Lv Xiaopu (吕效谱) of Hong Kong PolyU.

Numeric modelling by Li Jing.

Lele and Xiaofei Degree Viva

On  the morning of 18th of Nov, Xiaofei and Lele successfully defended their PhD and MSc degree thesis, respectively. Xiaofei worked on tropical marine carbonaceouse aerosols over the South China Sea and East Indian Ocean. Lele worked on the POPs in the air the Pearl River Delta region. The committee members included Profs. Chen Yingjun, Zhang Yanlin, Tian Chongguo, Xu Weihai, Chen Duohong and Li Jun. Congratulations to Xiaofei and Lele!