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Lele and Xiaofei Degree Viva

On  the morning of 18th of Nov, Xiaofei and Lele successfully defended their PhD and MSc degree thesis, respectively. Xiaofei worked on tropical marine carbonaceouse aerosols over the South China Sea and East Indian Ocean. Lele worked on the POPs in the air the Pearl River Delta region. The committee members included Profs. Chen Yingjun, Zhang Yanlin, Tian Chongguo, Xu Weihai, Chen Duohong and Li Jun. Congratulations to Xiaofei and Lele!


Prof. Wanida Jinsart visited the group

During 2nd~7th July, two visitors from Chulalongkorn University (Thailand), Prof. Wanida Jinsart and her Master student, Nareerat Punvitayakul (Neng), visited our group. This is the first time for them to visit our institution and they are very excited to walk through the SKLOG labs, with the companion of Dr. Zhong. Prof. Wanida also spoke highly on our well-equipped labs. During the visit, she gave a talk on “air pollution and health effects”, introducing the research progress on air quality and human health study in Thailand. Meanwhile, Jiaqi and Jiao Tang also presented their PhD projects to Prof. Wanida and had helpful discussions. In spare time, they also explored the city and visited some tourist sites, including Canton Tower, Chen Clan Temple and Beijing road.

Neng will stay with us for another month to analyze the PAHs and PCBs in passive air samples from Bangkok and Chiengmai, under the help of Lele.  This is also the main part of her master thesis.  We wish she had a great time here.

In front of the GIG logo. 

Special gifts from Thailand.

Visit the lab.

The presentation.

Prof. Gan and beautiful ladies. Prof. Luo and Prof. Wanida had met in Bangkok last year. 

Limited edition of SKLOG mug to Prof. Wanida. 

Having Dim Sum in Ramada. Prof. Wanida and Neng love the Cantonese food very much and they cannot help saying “yummy”.