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Kick-off plan: Air-Omics Squad fish plan(“咸鱼”计划)

During Jan13-19,2022, Shizhen and her team, the Air-Omics Squad(“爱米小分队”)(Lele, Jianchu, Yuwei and Yingjian), started a refreshing work on fish sampling. All fish samples were coming from the South China Sea, the East Sea, the West Sea, the Bohai Sea , the North Bay and Amur River. The flesh and livers of four types of fish( Monkfish, yellow fish, silver pomfret, hairtail and chum salmon) were cut and homogenized, and the mixtures were stored in closed brown glass bottles. This comes to be new content of the Air-Omics Squad project.

Silver pomfret (above) and yellow fish(below).

Shizhen was taking picture with the big monkfish.

Jianchu was dealing the yellow fish.Yingjian was helping Yuwei dealing with the monkfish.

Lele and Yingjian was dealing with the hair fish and monkfish separately.

Do click the video  for special moments!

The 6th ICEPH

Oct 16-17th, several group members attended the 6th International Conference on Environmental Pollution and Health  organized by Jinan University. The event took place in the Sunshine Hotel (阳光酒店) not  far away from the institute. Zhang Gan and Shizhen gave presentations on the conference, respectively. Lele, Yingjian, Yuwei and Jianchu joined; this maybe their first international conference they attended.

Celebration trip Yuyinshanfang (余荫山房)2020/12/4


山房诗书好继世,留得余荫畅浮生。早有想法,就建议同学们在此拍毕业照。今年有天罡、唐娇、乐乐、晓飞,加上孙迎韬毕业。平阳在德国GEOMAR拿到博士,没拍毕业照,也来热闹。一大车人,各觉欣喜。学传孔道,名列晋卿,均安堂是山房的学宫;南山春满,东陆阳开,是山房的公祠。以南,是别院,有小姐屋、八角亭,和精致的书房。 庭园设计精巧,任各取景,无不层次、色彩分明,更载之以悠远书香、清正家风,正是读书人的好去处。 ​​​​