Daya Bay 2003

Group trip at Daya Bay, Shenzhen in August 2003

ga_h_daya2003_1Camping on the beach.

ga_h_daya2003_2Cool guys.

ga_h_daya2003_3When you were young.

ga_h_daya2003_4Hong Kong visitors (Celine and Carman).

ga_h_daya2003_5She was an undergraduate.

ga_h_daya2003_6This is a good one.

ga_h_daya2003_7Morning called by sunshine (Guo Lingli).

ga_h_daya2003_8Sillily as looked.

ga_h_daya2003_9Clear as the water bay.

ga_h_daya2003_10I suppose this was after the trip, but before the following field work in the Dapeng Bay. Professor Xiang-dong Li(李向东), of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, helped us and has been working with the group for more than 15 years. He (middle) was an associate professor and now the acting dean of the Faculty of Constrction and Environment, HK-PolyU.