Group history 3

Group history in pictures (assembly 3)

ga_h3_1Ladies at a group gathering on Christmas 2009 (Dec 23rd). The were cheerly showing their beautiful scarfs on the neck which were Xmas gifts from Gan Zhang. The front/middle girl, Linthoi, is an assistant professor in the Central University of Bihar in India. Her husband, Yadev is going to join us in April 2014 for postdoctoral studies.

ga_h3_3Yanlin and Cao Fang, the couple went to Swiss for postdoctoral research in 2010. They have two baby boys now, and is going to move to Hokkaido University, Japan to work with Prof. Kimitaka Kawamura (河村公隆)who is a famous aerosol chemist.

ga_h3_4_1The young research professor in Jun’s previous office, innocently. (20120119)

ga_h3_5Hairong attended the innaugulation ceremony of NAEO. (20110909)

ga_h3_6_1Jianhui visited Lancaster-U for 1 year. I was attending a PhD viva there occasionally. (20110801)

ga_h3_8_1Ali Syed was thanking Ms Wen Wei for her help in taking care of the official formalities for his visit. (2009.2.5)

ga_h3_7_11Ali Syed and Paromita Chakraborty worked closely in the lab. (2009.12)

ga_h3_9_1Zhineng and Ali in the student office in the library building of the institute. (2009.12)