Group history 1

Group history in the pictures(assembly 1)

ga_h1_1_1A gathering of Guangzhou and Yantai groups in Jan 2011 @Guangzhou

ga_h1_1_2Dr Xie Zhiyong and his boss Ralf in HZG Germany has been an close collaborator of the group in Germany. (2012.4.24)

ga_h1_1_3Kevin’s first visit to GIGCAS (May 24th 2005).

ga_h1_1_4Liu Guoqing and Lily obtained their PhD and MSc degrees (05,6,14). Liu Guoqing is a professor in Shenzhen University. Lily works in Woologoon University of Australia.

ga_h1_1_5Zhang Zongyan (张宗雁) was the first MSc student from China Ocean University visited the group for >1 year. She prefers to being a happy housewife in Yantai.

ga_h1_1_6Claudia was the first western student to visit us. She stayed for 3 months with us. She is a research scientist in Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, the UK, in Lancaster.

ga_h1_1_7Where our South Asia stories started. Alamalai University, Tamil Nadu, South India.

ga_h1_1_8Office of Registar.

ga_h1_1_9Kevin and Tanabe. We decided to act on India together on that day. Then the South Asia POPs story began.

ga_h1_1_10The two buddies in Matsuyama, Japan. Kevin has been around us for almost 10 years till 2014.

ga_h1_1_11Kobara and Seike (left) always stand for our Asian POPs network in Japan.

ga_h1_1_12Dr Shin Takahashi in his dioxin lab. He was a research fellow, and is a professor now.

ga_h1_13Sampling in Deep Bay (深圳湾).

ga_h1_14The Deep Bay.

ga_h1_15We sampled for 1 year air deposition in 13 stations across the Pearl River Delta. This was in Dongchong, Daya Bay, Shenzhen.

ga_h1_16Zhang Weiling (张伟玲)was the first student to graduate from the group with her MSc degree.

ga_h1_17Professors Xiangdong Li (李向东)and Shihua Qi sampling in a field trip to Nanling (南岭), Guangdong.

ga_h1_18Professor Peng Xianzhi was a group member in the early years. We kwen each other on the grassland in front of BeiDaLou in NJU.

ga_h1_19He has been a hateful smoker.


ga_h1_21On Professor Fu Jiamo’s 70th birthday.