Zoige plateau 2006

 Zoige field sampling campaign in May 2006

ga_h_zoige2006_11Flower Lake on the Zoige plateau, June 2006. The sediment samples from the lake is still sitting in our fridge.


ga_h_zoige2006_3Collecting peatbog samples on the grassland Zoige plateau. The Red Armay marched across this grassland with great effort in the 1930s. The sediment was analyzed in GIGCAS and Imperial College, UK. Eight papers have been published, including one by Ming Lili and one by her ex-boyfriend (now husband) Zhou Haoda.

ga_h_zoige2006_42006年的研究组部分成员与来自LU的Ben Herbert.


ga_h_zoige2006_6Flowers on the shit?

ga_h_zoige2006_7A beautiful yark wondering on the grassland. Hong Yuan, Zoige plateau, western China. 2006.