Wan-Lv-Hu Lake 2006

万绿湖 (2006年9月)

ga_h_wangluhu2006_1_1Shi Jinglei (史敬磊,right 1) from Tsingtao University of S&T visited the group for 1 year.

ga_h_wangluhu2006_2_1Paromita was the first foreign PhD student in the group. She joined us in April 2006 and left in 2010. She is an assisstant professor in SRM University of India.

ga_h_wangluhu2006_3Paromita in her traditional dress singing in Karaok in He Yuan (河源)。

ga_h_wangluhu2006_4The only time we played Majiang.

ga_h_wangluhu2006_5She was beautiful.

ga_h_wangluhu2006_6_1Look, beautiful girl!

ga_h_wangluhu2006_7_1Sediment sampling in Wan-Lv-Hu Lake. The guys were pulling out the sampler from the 80m deep water. Girls were giving orders.

ga_h_wangluhu2006_8Wetted after rain. No one had prepared for the rain, so…

ga_h_wangluhu2006_9Lin Tian and Guo Lingli.

ga_h_wangluhu2006_10Xu Yue at her first trip with the group.

ga_h_wangluhu2006_11They are buddies.

ga_h_wangluhu2006_12_1Pretending to be the leader?

ga_h_wangluhu2006_13_1Handsome boy when he was.

ga_h_wangluhu2006_14The sediment was fresh and its color implied an aerobic sediment environment. The result was published in 《湖泊科学》by Lin Tian.